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SomaSoul® : Somatic Expressive Therapy

synthesizes the expressive arts, body awareness and body psychotherapy into an integrative process that helps clients work through challenges and difficulties in their lives that cause pain and tension in the body and mind.

Unlock the door to your own healing process as you learn to facilitate the healing journey of others with SomaSoul®. You will learn the art and therapy of attuning to and expressing what lives within – that is calling for understanding, expression and integration. Connect your personal growth with your professional development, by becoming a SomaSoul® practitioner.


From the field of body psychotherapy, you will gain the knowledge and skill to identify and work with our body-mind defense postures and the wounds they protect. You will learn a methodology of bringing consciousness to our defenses, and healing the wounds, traumas or undigested life experience that lives under our defenses. This healing is accomplished as we learn to bring support to places within that have not known support and as you clear the negative energy around the wound that lives in our unconscious and within our bodies.


The expressive arts offer an essential and primary outlet for self-expression and self-discovery in ways that everyday language does not allow. As a vehicle of intuitive exploration, the expressive arts allow for deeper awareness, insights, and feelings.


Level One Module Descriptions

You may work towards certification, or take single modules that interest you, in order to focus on your own personal development or to integrate that module’s material into your current work.

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The Expressive Body & The Contemplative Mind
Moving Your Body's Story
Somatic Healing Process
SomaSoul Facilitation: the Art of Being


Level one training also requires a personal development distance mentorship taken following each module to enhance learning and integration.


Level Two Training

The Level Two training is made up of three components: Self-Study, Practice and Integration. The components can be taken in any order or all at the same time. Overall, it generally takes 1-2 years to complete the full course of level two study. Each program can stand alone as a course of study, or combined, serve to complete the SomaSoul® Training, allowing for full certification as a SomaSoul® Practitioner.