Kripalu Workshops


Dance Your Heart Out: A Shake Your Soul® Movement Experience

December 29, 2017 - January 1, 2018


Celebrate the new year and open your heart in this mindful, blissful Shake Your Soul® dance program. Your heart is home to the most uplifting joy that can revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. Using somatic movement and expressive dance, feel your heart again and discover your inherent joy and freedom. 


Dan Leven invites you to a safe, supportive, and inspiring space where you can


• Move with the pulse, rhythm, and passion of your heart

• Learn organic exercises that expand your heart and awaken your soul

• Connect with the natural dancer inside you through guided movement and creative movement explorations

• Commune with your spirit and a supportive, heartfelt community.

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Your Body Speaks, Now Listen

April 13 - 15, 2018

The body is a powerful storyteller. In fact, the body records our life experience as adeptly as the mind, with internal organs containing our deepest feelings and reactions. Our body speaks in heart-opening moments of joy, and the gut reactions we have to life’s challenges.

Discover ways to identify, explore, and express your body’s story through somatic movement practices, body-mindfulness meditations, and expressive arts explorations. Delve into powerful tools that help you befriend, listen to, and heal your emotional body as you experience


  • Unique and dynamic practices that empower your ability to connect with and care for your psycho-physical self

  • Simple yet potent ways to awaken the mind-body connection

  • Joy-filled and meaningful moments of soul expression through movement and dance.

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SomaSoul®: Somatic Therapy Workshops

Experience somatic, soul-centered practices and open to the power of your heart and gut, compassion and intuition. These workshops can be taken individually for personal development or as part of a larger training to become a SomaSoul Practitioner and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist.


Open Your Heart- a SomaSoul®: Somatic Therapy Workshop
October 1-6, 2017
Dan Leven and Adjunct Faculty Heather Bilotta and Sage Brody

Learn to open and heal your heart and reclaim its inherent loving, intuitive energies in a program that is both safe and profound. Awaken to the wisdom and power of your heart as you discover how to


  • Unlock your heart’s healing energy through SomaSoul Somatic Yoga

  • Heal emotional pain that is held in the heart through creative and empowering expressive arts processes

  • Expand your capacity for intuition and compassion using a somatic approach to listening to others from your heart.


We all want an open heart. This program teaches you what to do when your heart feels closed, guarded, hidden, heavy, or broken. Come explore how to somatically release your heart’s wounds and defenses and open to your heart’s wisdom and joy.

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Trust Your Gut: a SomaSoul® Training Workshop
November 26 - December 1, 2017
Dan Leven and Adjunct Faculty Heather Bilotta and Sage Brody

Discover the deep satisfaction of living from your center. Your sense of self-worth and who you are is comprised of digested life experiences that live in your gut. In this program, Dan Leven escorts you into the powerful terrain of “gut experience” through a variety of mindfulness-based, somatic, and expressive movement journeys.


Learn to connect with the wisdom and intuition that lives within you as you

  • Discover your gut’s power and presence through SomaSoul Somatic Yoga

  • Heal emotional pain held in your gut through dynamic expressive arts processes

  • Connect to and make space for your gut instincts, gut reactions, and gut knowing

  • Engage your gut wisdom while listening and speaking to others.

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Stand In Your Power: a SomaSoul® Training Workshop
February 25 - March 2, 2018
Dan Leven and Adjunct Faculty Heather Bilotta and Sage Brody

In the busy-ness of life, rushing through never-ending tasks and responsibilities, we can lose our sense of grounding and our capacity to land inside ourselves and be present to life. In this workshop you will reconnect with your birthright to experience the power of your presence through SomaSoul practices of grounding in your body and energy. 

Having our ground, and landing inside ourselves are the life skills we need most in navigating any relationship and are especially important for therapists, healers, and those training in SomaSoul: Somatic Expressive Therapy.


Through this workshop you will:

  • Embody the mantra, “I am here within me as I’m here with you.”

  • Practice Somatic Yoga and Qi Gong to energize your pelvis, root center, and legs

  • Learn how to be with others as you land in the power of your presence

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Healing the Emotional Body: a SomaSoul® Training Workshop
May 6-11, 2018
Dan Leven and Adjunct Faculty Heather Bilotta and Sage Brody

Throughout our lives we traverse a variety of feeling states.  When we can’t support our experience we feel like our minds, hearts, and bodies are on a roller coaster.  We lose center! Through Gestalt Therapy’s unique mapping system of the psyche, the layers of personality, you will discover a path that brings you towards the center of whatever feeling state you are in, bringing acceptance and deep understanding to your inner process.  You will nourish your body with somatic, soul-centered practices and open to the power of your viscera and body-intuition. You will feed your soul with innate feelings of sensitivity, power, and joy while healing the wounds and defenses obscuring your core.


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