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SomaSoul® Workshops

Experience somatic, soul-centered practices and open to the power of your heart and gut, compassion and intuition. These workshops can be taken individually for personal development or as part of a larger training to become a SomaSoul Practitioner and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist.
Unlock Your Body's Story: A SomaSoul® Healing the Emotional Body Workshop
dates TBD
Dan Leven and Adjunct Faculty Heather Bilotta and Sage Brody

Understand and unravel the physical and emotional tensions that live in your body and inhibit aliveness and freedom.  Our body tensions contain a story, our history that seeks to be revealed and healed.  In this program you will embark on a creative and heart-full journey of self-exploration that integrates right brain processing from the expressive arts with somatic exercises and a comprehensive framework of understanding and healing the human experience from Body-Centered Gestalt Psychotherapy.

In this program learn to integrate mind and body as you:

  • Break your body's tension code with SomaSoul's unique approach to healing

  • Discover a deeper, more centered you, as you befriend and transform old defenses that stand in the way of your authentic self

  • Experience the soft power of vulnerability and access compassion for core wounds that reside within your psycho-physical body

  • Bring healing to your body-mind with SomaSoul® somatic Yoga and Dance


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Healing the Emotional Body: A SomaSoul® Healing the Emotional Body Workshop
dates TBD
Dan Leven and Adjunct Faculty Heather Bilotta and Sage Brody

We all have an emotional body. Where, but whereis it? Neuroscience research reveals that emotions live within our entire visceral body. Emotions or visceral feelings live —within our open-heartedness, our heartbreaks, our knotted stomach, our gut feelings.This workshop guides you inlistening to and processing emotions held within your body. 


Through SomaSoul® explorationsyou will: , learn tolisten to and process deeply held emotions as you


  • Engage the right brain via the expressive arts to access your emotional body

  • Translate and transform body tensionsphysical tensioninto messages that have been locked in your body

  • Heal wounds and defenses that live within your body using mindfuland,compassionate awareness

  • Develop embodied presence through SomaSoul®Somatic Yoga, qi gongqigong, and dance.


Gain a fuller sense of aliveness as you feel yourexpress thevisceral power within you!



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Stand In Your Power: A SomaSoul® Workshop
dates TBD
Dan Leven and Adjunct Faculty Heather Bilotta and Sage Brody

Stand in your power as you explore and integrate the energy centers of your pelvis and legs. Your potency, creativity, and aliveness live in the pelvis, and life can present challenges that rock our foundation and cause us to lose ground. We all need resources and healing processes to regain our foothold. 

In this workshop you

  • Feel your embodied pelvis and legs and unlock their power through SomaSoul® Somatic Yoga

  • Heal the emotional pain that is held in your pelvis and legs through dynamic body-based expressive arts processes

  • Release blocks in your pelvis through qigong and dance

  • Expand your capacity to listen to others while staying grounded and rooted in yourself.

  • Land and ground in your birthright to exist with vitality so you may live an empowered life.

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