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Well Being

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"Well"ness or well-being is so in the forefront of our awareness and desire nowadays. There are so many therapies, classes, processes, herbs, name it, that support wellness or well-being. We are all looking for well-being--to "be" well. In fact, I developed two modalities that I believe support well-being.

Yet, even though I developed these "well-being" modalities, there are numerous times where I'm not feeling well-being inside. I have to remind myself that there are two words in well-being.

I think we can all agree that "well" refers to a positive feeling of happiness, relaxation, joy, clarity, contentment, acceptance, etc. And I believe we would all agree that these are states of body and mind. And "being"...well, it means non-doing, feeliing present, open-hearted, or mindful. Again, a body and mind state.

So those are two incredible "achievements". To find happiness, contentment, joy and acceptance in our lives and also to be present or mindful within our lives.

Wow! "I hope this e-newsletter finds you well"...such a common gretting yet such an uncommon experience for many of us!

We all need to do activitives to bring our bodes and minds towards a state of wellness. So, I'm all for hiking, dancing, bIking, swimming, meditating,playing games...whatever gives us joy.

We all need time in our life to not do just be. A gap in thought, a deep feeling of relaxation and presence of mind and ease and aliveness in our bodies.

As we each become sensitive to the feelings of the body and mind that are not in the world of well-being, we first need to simply become present or mindful of how "non-wellness" feels and greet "non-wellness"with acceptance and curiosity.

Then we can ask "non-wellness" which will register as a specific mind-body state whether its frustration, anxiety, confusion, spaciness etc is there something we can do that can bring you towards greater well-being.

Sometimes just being with, bringing compassion to "non-wellness" opens our heart and feelings of acceptance and joy emerge. And sometimes it requires a good sweat and dancing your heart out!

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