Your Body's Story


I think there's a country song named "Looking for love in all the wrong places." Sometimes I experience looking for energy and happiness in all the wrong places, whether it's through watching TV, eating chocolate...whatever the distraction or attraction.

What if the energy or aliveness we are seeking lives within our bodies, right underneath our noses so to speak, yet it's often blanketed by tension. Some of you already know this and, like me, have dedicated years towards releasing tension and cultivating energy through a variety of practices like yoga or qi gong.

These practices are absolutely wonderful, and yet I notice that the same tensions re-emerge the next day when I don't address the fact that my, and our, physical tensions are often connected to our emotional pain that our body hasn't had a chance to "process."

As we stretch a tense muscle in our chest we may also be "stretching" how we have defended our hearts against attacks to our heart, whether it be rejection, or ridicule of our innocence. We may be opening to a subtle sense of sadness or heartache as we release the guarding or armor around our heart. And in that opening to our sadness, a river of tears, and a river of energy begins to flow.

Consider that our physical body and emotional body are intimately related, are one and the same. My experience is that in just opening to this possibility, we allow our emotional body an opportunity to be heard and felt. We begin to allow our body to process the emotions that are stored underneath our layers of tensions.

The next time you do a yoga stretch, like a spinal twist while you lay on your back, let your visceral body know, your heart, and lungs that you are listening if they want to speak. Our viscera speaks through sensations and feelings or maybe images. Be open to the journey of deep feelings that your body may invite you into as you offer kindness and respect to your heart, your lungs, and your guts.

In my next SomaSoul workshop, Moving Your Body's Story, we will be exploring and discovering the stories that are stored in our bodies through a creative, intuitive and respectful process. I invite you to explore your body's journey with me.

Blessings on Your Path,


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