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Stand In Your Power

More people showed up at these protests in Washington than at the inauguration! That power of showing up speaks volumes. One protest signed said, "So bad, even introverts are here." That would have been a sign I would have carried.

Giving voice to feelings is standing in one's power. Here is a link to some gutsy and soulful voices upon protest signs at the march in Washington.

Now, one slogan that Hilary shared during the campaign is that love trumps hate. What occurred in this protest was a statement of love, since love is so tied into ethical living and ethical speaking. Another word for ethics to me is that which is rooted in respect-respectful living and speaking. Love without respect is not love. Love's foundation is the capacity to respect another. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, sang Aretha. Women took a stand for respect, for love!

Donald Trump has been a caricature of disrespect, intolerance, manipulation, abusiveness, bullying, selfishness and ego-mania. All these are symptoms that speak to the absence of knowing love, tolerance and respect.

I so deeply appreciated the fact that 400,000 people took a stand for the importance of bringing love, tolerance, respect and compassion back into the foreground of our awareness and values.

For so many people to show up and have a voice is a profound stance of heart power, of courage. This power of love is not a wishy-washy, spacey, new agey kind of love but a love that says violence in its many forms is intolerable.

Love which has at its basis the capacity to be tolerant also includes the capacity to say what is not OK tolerate! This is love with not only heart but guts!!

Taking a stand for love includes allowing our anger to be present in a grounded non-violent way when injustice, manipulation, bullying and abuse is occurring and then saying something about it.

Thank you women who marched in Washington and across the country as well as all the women and men who supported this profound movement of gutsy love with their heartfelt energies. This is a clear "no" to hate-based behavior and a "yes" to creating a world of union so that we don't just live in the United States of America but we live in the United Countries of the World.

Remember this protest didn't just speak to the hearts and souls of people governed here in this country but around the world! This is a mandate that breaks down the walls of separation between countries and speaks to the deepest needs of us all, that we are governed by an ethical leadership, an honest and respectful leadership!

Thank you women for demonstrating to men one of the most admirable qualities that women are born with, the capacity to give birth and nourish the infancy, growth and maturation of life. May this be the beginning of a new movement of tolerance, inclusion and love for the entire world that all men and women stand behind!

Let's all stand in the power of this kind of love. Her his a link

to the Women's March website that offer 10 things we can all do in the next 100 days.

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