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LIFE Movement Online Programs

SomaSoul®: Somatic Therapy Foundations Training

Thursdays at 4:30pm ET, October 19th, 2023- May 16th, 2024
Registration closes September 30th, 2023

We are happy to announce our remote learning, training program in SomaSoul: Somatic Therapy Foundations this Fall. 

This year-long personal growth and training program guides you in the core healing process of SomaSoul’s approach to body-centered therapy and transformation

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 In these challenging times, where each of us is adjusting to a new way of life as we live with many uncertainties, challenges and losses of our many resources of renewal and community,  SomaSoul’s year-long virtual learning community can be your haven of safety as well as a place of deepening your own journey of growth in your humanness and connection to heart, spirit and others. Come join and co-create this community of support, inner growth and healing.


This year long training can also be your foundational step to becoming a SomaSoul Somatic Therapist and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist.


In this training you will:

  • Learn to directly experience your psycho-physical nature​
  • Discover the emotional body as it lives within your organs or viscera​
  • Experience the power and vulnerability of your visceral feelings and reactions as they are opened up through awareness, expressive arts and somatic movement ​Experience how muscle tension and weakness is connected tend to your patterns of holding against or not support your visceral feelings​
  • Learn an intuitive process that helps you receive information and guidance from your emotional body
  • Experience transformation of body tensions and strengthening of the body as you engage in befriending your emotional body and learn to hear its messages and needs​
  • Balance your vulnerability with centeredness as mindful and heartfelt awareness meets your emotional experience​
  • Find deep soulful expression and freedom as you experience Somasoul’s unique expressive arts process that safety guides you into expressing your emotional experience
  • Learn to support the felt experience of the moment by meeting and befriending what’s here, bringing understanding to and finding the unfulfilled need in the experience.
  • Deepen your somatic intelligence, embodied presence and energy flow through SomaSoul Somatic Yoga​
  • Understand your body more deeply as you learn how your nervous system as the foundation upon which all lived experience is built ​
  • Discover ways to adjust the tone of your nervous system and thus influence your moment to moment experience of life
  • Expand in your capacity to be with and connect to others through embodied listening and reflection​
What's included:
  • 27 -2 hr live sessions via Zoom Thursdays at 4:30pm ET
  • Somatic Movement  videos
  • Support work practices provided each week to help you bring the teachings into your life
  • 27 weekly small group mentoring sessions with your personal faculty mentor to help you deepen and integrate your learning
  • 2 Individual SomaSoul sessions with your mentor 
Live sessions meet Thursday, 4:30pm - 6:30pm Eastern
Fall sessions begin October 19th

Tuition for SomaSoul® Somatic Therapy Foundations Training is $1850 - Early enrollment tuition until August 18th is $1750

Payment plans are available

Registration closes September 30th, 2023

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